Strategic Consulting

Ergo provides holistic intelligence solutions for business leaders seeking to answer the world’s toughest questions and confidently plan for the future.

Actionable intelligence for effective decision-making

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Ergo’s custom research engagements help our clients move from uncertainty to confidence. We offer a range of solutions such as opportunity identification and assessment, market analysis including entry and exit strategies, competitive positioning, and targeted intelligence collection to address discrete questions.

“Ergo is the highest-value relationship we have. Having an intellectual partner is a very rare and valuable thing for us. A measure of a good intel firm is your accuracy–you get a lot right, and that makes us more right.”

Head of Global Investment Strategy, Major Pension Fund


Market Dynamic Assessments
Competitive Landscape Analysis
Commercial Scenario Mapping and Opportunity Analysis

Our assessments encompass comprehensive evaluations, including forecasts for market size and growth trends, thorough market and segment analysis, customer analysis, and value chain analysis. Collectively, these analyses provide a holistic understanding of market dynamics, enabling informed decision-making for businesses and investors

Our analysis involves evaluating key competitors, scrutinizing sales and customer data, tracking market share trends, and benchmarking against competitors to provide insight into market positioning and potential future trajectories. This multifaceted approach enables a deep understanding of market dynamics and aids in strategic decision-making for sustained competitiveness.

Our approach involves the creation of industry expert-generated, peer-reviewed scenarios that chart the future trajectory of a business or a sector. This comprehensive approach considers industry knowns and unknowns, scenario probabilities, emergence timelines, winners and losers, and key indicators and warnings to discern each scenario’s unfolding or receding nature.

Stay competitive in a chaotic world

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