Geopolitical and Economic Advisory

Ergo delivers the invaluable advantage of foresight in an era of seismic change. Powered by a purpose-built combination of frontline expertise, high-level access, rigorous methodologies, and proprietary frameworks, we provide focused, actionable guidance with a two-decade track record of unmatched success. Ergo’s insights are often the difference between a fingers-crossed decision and a thoroughly-informed one.

From integration to fragmentation

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As trade tensions escalate, democracies erode, supply chains fragment, and the specter of major technological disruption looms large, adaptability and resilience will increasingly be the hallmarks of businesses that thrive in the years to come. The once-steady foundations of economic stability seem increasingly precarious, and in this intricate dance between nations and markets, the only certainty is uncertainty.

“Ergo helped us foresee outcomes of the trade crisis with China early enough to allow us to make significant changes to our supply chain. Those changes resulted in major cost avoidance and one of our most profitable quarters in our history.”

CEO, Major American Manufacturer


Flashpoints Forum
Bespoke Solutions

Ergo’s unrivaled track record in early and accurate forecasting of market-moving geopolitical and economic events comes down to a simple trifecta: a best-in-class, highly vetted and tested ecosystem of expertise; a collaborative intelligence framework that converts our knowledge assets into scenaric futures; and a tight-knit community of high-impact, high-intelligence organizations united by the recognition that the ability to see around corners on major global issues is essential for success in today’s business environment. That is the Flashpoints Forum.

Ergo prepares business leaders for the opportunities and risks that arise when geopolitical and economic forces reshape the commercial landscape. We leverage our unique forecasting capabilities to anticipate the impact of dynamic global markets on clients’ bottom lines.

We take compliance seriously, prioritize ethical standards in our business, and thoroughly check our information sources to ensure they have direct knowledge of the subject. This helps us reduce the risk of spreading false information and improves the quality of our products.

Commitment to compliance


We employ professional vetting methods, sourcing experts based on their relevant expertise, current access, and recommendations from trusted sources, ensuring the reliability and freshness of information for our projects.


Our thorough source verification process involves checking credentials, asking profile questions, triangulating information from multiple sources, and ensuring compliance with terms and regulations.


Our analysts provide qualitative assessments of each contributing source at the project’s end, recorded in their profiles within our source database, influencing their compensation and potential for future engagement based on the quality and validity of their insights.

Stay competitive in a chaotic world

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