Due Diligence

When you need absolute assurance, Ergo gives you the ultimate behind-the-curtain view. Whether forecasting market size and growth potential or assessing a management team’s reputation ahead of investment, Ergo’s solutions empower informed decisions, mitigate risks, and unlock opportunities.

Government-grade intelligence for effective decision-making

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Ergo’s approach to intelligence collection taps into a range of intelligence streams: human sources, government records, company data, local press, social media, deep web, and a range of proprietary tools to provide customized solutions for our clients.

Ergo has helped leading firms evaluate opportunities, invest, operate, and successfully exit, for decades. We have conducted due diligence and analysis on over 2,500 deals–supporting billions of dollars of deployed capital.

Our due diligence practice consists of five distinct, but complementary, solution sets and offers insights throughout the deal cycle from pre-investment, to deal analysis, and post-close.

“Ergo’s diligence capabilities are impressive. Twice now Ergo has delivered us critical insights we didn’t think were obtainable. I know I can rely on them to provide independent and penetrating insights I just can’t get from their competitors, or really from anywhere.”

Portfolio Manager and Strategist, Leading US Investment Firm

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Cyber & IT

Ergo assists companies in understanding market dynamics, competition, and growth opportunities for potential investments using various frameworks and human source networks. Our capabilities help our clients stress test investment theses and make confident and informed decisions. We design solutions to meet any information challenge, but applications of our commercial due diligence capabilities often include:

  • Opportunity Identification & Assessments
  • Competitive Landscaping
  • Industry and Company Specific Scenarios
  • Market Entry & Exit Strategies
  • Ergo Leadership Suitability Assessment (ELSA)
  • Qualitative Due Diligence

Our team leverages a range of intelligence streams and frameworks to assess the likelihood and impact of regulations and legislative action on potential or existing investments. Our regulatory due diligence solutions include:

  • Implications Analysis of Coming Regulatory Changes
  • Assessments of Exposure to Investment Restrictions
  • Identifying Compliance Risks

Ergo provides exclusive insights not found in standard records searches. Our sources have first-hand familiarity with your target company or individual, providing an otherwise unobtainable behind the curtain perspective. While our reputational analyses are always custom tailored, some of the services our clients regularly engage us for include:

  • Deep Reputational, Cultural, and Management Assessments
  • Level 1 & Level 2 Reputational Analysis
  • Rapid Red Flag Checks

Ergo assists clients in understanding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks. Our ESG model offers investors a straightforward and comprehensive risk evaluation, surpassing traditional ratings and self-assessment methods. Built upon our proprietary 34-factor model, our ESG due diligence team offers:

  • Quick screening
  • Deep pre-transaction assessments
  • Risk analysis and rating of existing portfolio companies

Ergo helps buyers and investors understand the current cybersecurity threat landscape, manage risk, and capture opportunities presented by cybersecurity.

  • Cyber assessments (in collaboration with key partners)
  • Vulnerability analysis

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