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Geopolitics are impacting business outcomes in ways considered unimaginable even a few years ago. Ergo empowers C-suite leaders to profit from changes before they hit the headlines, and their bottom lines.

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From shipping disruptions to export controls to invasions of sovereign countries, geopolitical and economic flashpoints are directly impacting companies’ operations and share prices. Ergo leverages a two-decade track record of on-the-ground intelligence collection and cutting-edge forecasting to map the specific implications of external events to a company’s fortunes.

“Ergo is the single-best consultancy we’ve had in the 17 years that I have been running research for one of the world’s biggest and most successful hedge funds. The Ergo team uses a framework that promotes broad and deep coverage as well as accountability.”

— Chief Economist, Top 5 Global Macro Fund


Policy and Regulatory Analysis
Customized Scenario Analysis
Industry and Company-Specific Impact Analysis

Whether working in the United States or abroad, understanding how governments think, legislate, and regulate is intrinsic to assessing opportunities and risk. Our approach to these questions therefore centers on engaging experts with firsthand experience in the halls of power. These insights, combined with Ergo’s rigorous frameworks, produce clear probabilities and outcomes surrounding the policy and regulatory landscape.

Ergo’s custom scenario solutions are built on the same framework as the Flashpoints Forum, but with the client’s specific interests in mind. Whether the client needs to understand the future of a particular geography or industry, our scenario framework can reveal likely (and unlikely) outcomes, including the key drivers, indicators, warnings, wildcards, and stakeholders to whom you need to pay attention.

Built on two of Ergo’s well-established research solutions—geopolitical scenarios and risk and opportunity mapping—impact analysis provides clarity about the future and illuminates pathways for clients to mitigate risk and capture opportunities. Our analysis focuses on trends, events, and outcomes that will affect a wide variety of stakeholders, from entire industries to a specific company or even a business unit.

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