Ergo is proud to be a trusted advisor to business leaders across dozens of sectors and geographies on their most critical challenges and promising opportunities.


Corporate leadership teams have long since adapted to the mega-trend of globalization and its effects on everything from supply chains to long-term partnerships. But now an increasingly complex global risk and opportunity environment means that they need additional preparation and perspective to navigate decisions in this moment. Ergo engages, listens, prepares and advises leaders with solutions rooted in extremely rigorous analysis, informed by incredible insight from our team and advisors and experts, and put together in a way that is efficient and effective to make better-informed decisions.

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Ergo advises leaders of the world’s top investment firms to help them shape decisions in both private and public markets. Ergo has unique capabilities to help them better understand the people, places, players, and processes that will determine everything from market entry, to partnership, to operations, to business outcomes. In a world where analyzing risks and opportunities in complex areas is critical, Ergo is the ideal partner for sophisticated leadership teams. And we do all of this while meeting the highest standards for compliance.


Ergo’s extensive network and strong connections allow us to give lawyers detailed intelligence crucial for legal processes like discovery, litigation, negotiation, ensuring compliance, tracking assets, and enforcing judgments, especially in challenging regions. We’ve worked on the hard cases, in hard places, for 20 years, and this experience has made us a trusted partner to some of the world’s best litigators and their clients.

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Insurers don’t like surprises and Ergo is a partner that helps them in a variety of ways to mitigate risk. Ergo enhances transparency for seizing new opportunities and safeguarding current portfolios by assessing risks in insured assets, offering intelligence for better underwriting, and evaluating markets in developing countries.

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