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The Flashpoints Forum is a community of business and government leaders built around the delivery and exchange of unique intelligence and forecasts on the most market-moving geopolitical and economic issues.

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The most successful business leaders today have embraced the fact that geopolitical and economic events will be perhaps the most significant driver of performance for years to come. The Forum is a private membership organization built on three constituent elements: a proprietary scenaric forecasting methodology that is rigorously tested and continually enhanced; a peerless network of frontline advisors engaging with each other inside Ergo’s collaborative intelligence framework; and an exclusive group of high-impact organizations committed to learning from one another.

“Many claim to have the insights and the intelligence to generate market ideas, but only Ergo has the discipline to consistently create geopolitical alpha opportunities. Ergo’s forecast on the Russian invasion was indispensable; they were right when no one else was. Investors who keyed in on the divergences in probabilities could have beaten any benchmark. ”

— Portfolio Manager and Strategist, Leading US Investment Firm


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Each month, Ergo launches a new forecast on the most pressing geopolitical and economic issues facing global business leaders. Working hand-in-glove with our network of advisors–the most relevant movers and insiders on the topic–we map the totality of potential outcomes of the flashpoint. We leverage our knowledge assets to distill their core propositional beliefs and intelligence down to their component parts, then rebuild them into mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive probability-weighted scenarios. We don’t just describe geopolitics, we translate it.

Forecast launches are just the beginning of the conversation. Ergo monitors “indicators and warnings” across all active flashpoints that could signal a shift in forecast trajectory and updates Forum members when developments have the potential to move markets. But we won’t add to the noise. Instead of an endless stream of loose information, you’ll receive focused, as-needed, evidence-based updates until the flashpoint binaries out, months or even years in the future. We don’t only tell you what you need to know, but why you need to know it.

With every forecast, Ergo merges the “what” of what will happen with the “so what”: tangible, tailored, and tradeable expressions of each probability-weighted scenario. Breaking down our analysis by sector, country, and time period, Ergo develops market implications as complex and consequential as the future we forecast and the firms our clients lead. From LNG flows in the Suez to federal funding for portfolio companies, Ergo identifies and decodes insights before they move markets.

The Forum is a one-of-a-kind sharing platform. But it isn’t just about exchanging knowledge–it’s about building relationships through year-round engagement in a variety of intimate settings around the world. Private member dinners, cohort and affinity group sessions, in-person executive briefings, exclusive retreats, and our flagship annual conference: these are just a few of the events and gatherings where Forum members learn from Ergo, and from each other.

Flashpoints Forum Thought Leadership

The Forum is powered by an ecosystem of expertise: frontline actors from the worlds of government, industry, and finance, hand-selected and fit-for-purpose, who engage in ongoing intellectual exercises with Ergo’s in-house team, and each other, in a collaborative intelligence framework. The Forum’s chairman is former White House National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster. For a selection of other top knowledge partners, see our Senior Advisors.

H.R. McMaster
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White House National Security Advisor, 2017-18

Chairman, Ergo’s Flashpoints Forum

The world’s largest and most influential businesses depend on the Flashpoints Forum for crucial insights and a community of peers to help shape their strategies and profit from uncertainty.

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C-Suite Executives from Major Multinationals
CEOs and CIOs of the Most Influential Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms
Senior Officials from the US and Allied Governments
CIOs and Chief Strategists of the World’s Largest Pension Funds
CEOs and Founders of the Most Innovative Technology Companies

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