Ergo is a global intelligence and advisory firm trusted by

the world’s leading investors, multinationals, and governments.

“Ergo is breaking from industry orthodoxy with a radically new model of consulting.”

— Harvard Business Review

The future is susceptible to research.

Business leaders need not be caught off guard by market-moving global events. The velocity of global change is greater than it has ever been, but it is possible to anticipate outcomes and create opportunity out of uncertainty. Ergo has been building and monitoring scenario-based probabilistic forecasts of major geopolitical and economic events for years; our track record is proof positive the future yields to research–but you have to do the work.

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Turn insights into action.

Seeing around corners is an essential element of success, but executives also need to know how the outcomes of external events will impact their business directly. Ergo translates insights into action, leveraging our knowledge assets to enable leaders of the world’s most consequential organizations to plan, adapt, and grow in an era of global change.

Act with confidence.

In a world full of surprises, thorough due diligence is the cornerstone of informed decision making and risk mitigation. Ergo ensures that our clients are never caught off-guard. We blend decades of industry experience, cutting edge technology, rigorous analytical methods, and proprietary frameworks to create unique products that are the difference between a thoroughly informed decision and a fingers-crossed one.

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Stand on the shoulders of giants.

Ergo is able to punch above our weight because we learn from the best. We work hand in glove with the frontline experts who know an issue inside and out–from former top government officials and CEOs to people working on factory floors and drilling rigs–to generate the highest quality, highest integrity forecasts, analysis, and recommendations. Our management and advisors have been working together across the public and private sectors for decades, and jointly support our clients in relationships marked by exclusivity, discretion, and trust.

We take compliance seriously, prioritize ethical standards in our business, and thoroughly check our information sources to ensure they have direct knowledge of the subject. This helps us reduce the risk of spreading false information and improves the quality of our products.

Commitment to compliance


We employ professional vetting methods, sourcing experts based on their relevant expertise, current access, and recommendations from trusted sources, ensuring the reliability and freshness of information for our projects.


Our thorough source verification process involves checking credentials, asking profile questions, triangulating information from multiple sources, and ensuring compliance with terms and regulations.


Our analysts provide qualitative assessments of each contributing source at the project’s end, recorded in their profiles within our source database, influencing their compensation and potential for future engagement based on the quality and validity of their insights.