Intelligence for an Opaque World

Ergo delivers ground truth and high-value insights obtainable only from frontline sources.


Creating Transparency and Impacting Outcomes


Distance from place, time, and event erodes the quality of information. Essential intelligence—marked by relevance, trustworthiness, and exclusivity—can be attained only through proximity.


Bespoke Products

Clients deserve custom-built solutions that directly address their specific needs and unique situations. Ergo collects and analyzes intelligence from frontline sources to create tailored and actionable recommendations.

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Flashpoints Monitor

Critical global issues must be constantly monitored for their impact on business. Ergo delivers streaming intelligence on market-moving forces and events as they unfold.

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Deep Expertise and Global Experience

For over a decade, the world’s leading companies have made better decisions with Ergo’s intelligence. We have conducted thousands of engagements in over 120 countries and every major sector.

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Ergo CEO R.P. Eddy recently co-authored Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes, which Henry Kissinger calls “an important book, vividly presenting a way for leaders to make crucial decisions.”

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