Flashpoints Monitor

Through our streaming intelligence product, Ergo enables clients to foresee key developments and events, and identify winner and losers well before the news hits the headlines and bounces the markets.


Ergo’s Flashpoints Monitor delivers frontline insights in real time on a range of topics moving markets and opinions.


Ergo’s Brexit Monitor delivers intelligence on the progression of Brexit developments, key backroom policy discussions and agendas in both London and Brussels, and insights on developments and positions—and potential market-moving events, such as a UK “crash out”—before they hit the front pages. Our calendar of "investible events" in the Brexit process enables our clients to anticipate potential opportunities and risks, and take measures ahead of their competition.

Border Adjustment Tax

Ergo’s Border Adjustment Tax Monitor provides forecasts, indicators, and likely externalities of the adoption of a BAT in the United States, which would have major ramifications for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. However, little is known yet about the shape such a tax would take, thereby increasing uncertainty for US businesses and consumers. Our source-driven reports reveal proprietary insights on policymaker interests, pressure group analysis, and legislative actions—all essential to stay ahead of the curve in planning.

Mexico-US Relations

Ergo’s Mexico-US Relations Monitor provides intelligence and insider insights on Mexican policy and market developments, particularly toward Washington, given the antagonistic approach that Trump is taking on NAFTA, immigration, and the construction of a border wall. Moreover, the broad-based anti-Trump movement in Mexico is fueling the rise of the populist left under Andres Lopez Obrador, who our sources believe would meet Trump’s nationalist policies with his own, further exacerbating bilateral tensions.


Ergo’s Iran Monitor delivers critical on-the-ground information and perspectives from the front lines of Iranian government, industry, and society, enabling clients to understand the significant geopolitical dynamics and emerging flashpoints that can change the risk and decision-making calculus for corporations and investors. The conflict between the White House—which wants to stomp on Iran and the nuclear deal—and US firms that seek to compete in Iran’s large markets will fuel uncertainty as the dynamics continue to shift.


Ergo’s China Monitor ensures our clients stay current on the country’s ongoing internal political struggles, which are heating up and may soon claim additional victims. As the Chinese leadership prepares for the 19th Party Congress, the deep fissures among the primary factions—the Communist Youth League, Shanghai faction, the Princelings, and the New Zhijiang Army—threaten to surface at a time when the Party would normally be designating the next generation of leadership. While China’s elites fight among themselves, the leadership appears to have embraced a “wait and see” approach towards the Trump administration—at least for now.

European Unity

Ergo’s European Unity Monitor is currently tracking Putin’s exploitation of fault lines throughout Europe, as well as the damage Europe is doing to itself. Sources close to Putin tell Ergo he is exhausting his staff to meet his goal of weakening any European candidate, of any political leaning, so long as it leads to undermining European cohesion. Our streaming intelligence adjusts as events unfold, with a specific eye to those issues, elections, and developments—including positions on consumer privacy—that impact business risk and opportunities.

Saudi Arabia/OPEC

Ergo’s Saudi Arabia/OPEC Monitor provides actionable intelligence on a range of critical Saudi and OPEC issues, including sweeping economic reforms in the face of sustained low oil prices, engaging Trump to push back against hardline Iran, the costly war in Yemen, and the potential Aramco IPO. Our well-placed sources also provide inside details on the state of palace intrigue between the Crown Prince and Deputy Crown Prince, and its implications for US relations and a potential turn toward China.