Bespoke Products

Ergo delivers tailored intelligence and advisory services to overcome multifaceted challenges and capture emerging opportunities across the business spectrum.


From probing deep into the histories of companies and individuals, to assessing competitors’ strategies, to anticipating political and economic shifts, Ergo’s integrated solutions enable our clients to see around corners.

Conduct Due Diligence

We gather information from local sources who know the subject company or individual inside and out to create a detailed mosaic portrait—the ultimate behind-the-curtain view.

  • M&A + asset due diligence
  • Management assessments
  • Local partner selection
  • FCPA compliance + investigations
Assess Markets + Competitors

Ergo provides frontline insights on the competitive landscape and local operating environment, key competitors’ efforts, government involvement, and behind-the-scenes activities.

  • Market segmentation + demographics
  • Industry + competitor intelligence
  • Market entry + exit strategies
  • Government tenders + sales competitions
Engage Stakeholders

We enable clients to navigate the dynamics and intricacies of the decision-making ecosystem and to proactively engage the right decision makers with the right message at the right time.

  • Stakeholder landscaping + ranking
  • Engagement + messaging strategies
  • Media collection + influence mapping
  • Influence channels + relationships
Mitigate Risks

Ergo clients know exactly which forces and dynamics will—and will not—shape the operating environment, and how to mitigate those risks before they manifest.

  • Geopolitical, economic + societal shifts
  • Compliance and corruption intelligence
  • Regulatory change forecasting
  • Elections and shifting power dynamics
  • Scenario mapping and wildcards
Support Operations

We enable our clients to confidently assess ongoing operations and plan for the future by delivering assessments of the internal and external dynamics that shape the business landscape.

  • Supply chain risks + optimization
  • Cyber + IP protection
  • Risk forecasting + futures mapping
  • OverWatch + compliance monitoring