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  • Aerospace & Defense

    China:  Analysis of the opportunities, challenges, competitors, and risks present in China’s satellite remote sensing market.


    India: Evaluation of factors, criteria, and competitive influences driving the decision to award a multi-billion dollar aviation contract.


    Netherlands: Detailed competitive, financial, and management assessment of Europe’s largest aerospace consortium and its approach toward major sales competitions.


    United States: Forecast of the trajectory of the US Army’s personnel and equipment tracking programs and likely contract awards by the Pentagon.


    Global: Comprehensive study of aviation security in seven countries to assess best practices, technologies, laws, regulations, and standards.


    Global:  Investigation of the commercial viability of heavy lift airships, the competitive landscape, and technological and supply chain hurdles.

  • Agriculture

    Brazil: Investment targeting and supply chain vulnerability analysis of four foodstuffs, focusing on production, processing, transport, and export.


    China: Pre-acquisition due diligence of a local animal feed company and its chief executive.


    Colombia: Idenitifcation and analysis of potential agricultural acquisition targets, with assessment of political risk and threats to foreign investors.


    Kazakhstan: Assessment of the wheat supply chain, focusing on key transport nodes, routes used, and compliance with local regulations.


    Mozambique: Study of the agricultural industry, including production and export capacity, legal obstacles, and subsector investment opportunities.


    Pakistan: Market entry strategy for agrichemicals, with insights into manufacturers, production statistics, raw materials, customers, and sales figures.


    Zimbabwe: Due diligence of a seed marketing company for acquisition and assessment of political risk.


    Global: Investment targeting and supply chain vulnerability analysis of seven foodstuffs – focusing on production, processing, transport, and export – in nine countries.


  • Banking & Finance

    Argentina: Assessment of options for Western investors to repatriate earnings in the face of new currency controls.


    Brazil: Assessment of the competitive prospects of BM&F Bovespa, the stock and futures exchange, in light of major political, economic, and regulatory change.


    China: Complete assessment of market for consumer banking services, including analysis of sector leaders, technical infrastructure, and potential local partners.


    Iraq: Determination of the risk of a specific bank defaulting on letters of credit.


    Namibia: Intelligence-gathering and analysis on a dispute surrounding the national stock exchange and pension fund.


    UAE: Rapid analysis of Abu Dhabi’s credit profile, exposure to the global financial crisis, and willingness to backstop Dubai’s debts.


    Ukraine: Ongoing monitoring of Ukraine’s debt crisis and the likelihood of default during political upheaval in 2013-14.


    Zimbabwe: Study of the assets held by the government to help a frontier debt investor client craft its future strategies for the country.


  • Energy & Extractives

    Abu Dhabi: Mapping of formal and technocratic processes and informal ties that influence decision making for major oil concession renewal.


    Bolivia: Assessment of nationalization risk of specific mining assets, with timelines and forecasts of President Morales' actions and behavior.


    China: On-the-ground intelligence on the activities and strategies of Chinese national oil companies to win licenses and curry favor in 18 African countries.


    China: Comprehensive diligence on a coal gasification company’s reputation, assets, relationships, operations and contracts.


    Iraq: Rapid and thorough due diligence on a Kurdish oilfield services company and the overall oilfield services market across Iraq.


    Kazakhstan: Study of oil and gas transportation to China to explore shifts in traditional modes of transport and potential investment opportunities.


    Libya: Rapid diligence on a potential partner for an energy sector investment, assessing his suitability for partnership based on his personal and professional history and associations.


    Mongolia: Assessment of risks and opportunities in the mining sector with profiles of key political figures involved in the industry.


    Nigeria: In-depth analysis of the evolving oil and gas sector, assessing the investment climate, security landscape, competitive dynamics, and compliance with local content requirements.


    Uganda: Outlook on awarding of coveted oil licenses in contested fields, with analysis of government decision-making and roles of key actors in public and private sectors.


    United States: In-depth analysis of sentiments and strategies of nine major oil and gas companies with respect to proposed U.S. climate change legislation.


    Venezuela: Evaluation of the energy industry and investment opportunities, focusing on new gas pipelines and the economic and political landscape.


    Global: Benchmarking assessment of the capabilities and performance of national oil companies in 17 countries, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Geopolitical & Economic

    Argentina: Forecasts of political and economic stability and the investment environment through five and ten year scenario mapping exercises.


    Chad: Assessment of political and economic risks to Western energy assets, including nationalization, violence, embargoes, and government credit worthiness.


    China: Analysis of the motivations of President Xi Jiping in announcing reforms to state-owned enterprises, and forecasted the likelihood of implementation.


    Egypt: Identification, profiles, and social network analysis of the most influential powerbrokers in government and business post-Mubarak.


    Georgia: High-level political risk analysis and asset tracing to support an international property arbitration case.


    Mexico: Study of the impact of crime and corruption on local and regional politics and their effect on businesses along the U.S. border.


    Saudi Arabia: Outlook on KSA's future as a global oil hegemon, focusing on key internal and external threats to its influence.


    United States: Forecasting of congressional action on Chinese currency manipulation based on information from closed-door meetings and private conversations with key members of Congress and staffers.

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

    Afghanistan: Assessment of opportunities in pharmaceuticals based on analysis of domestic consumption, import trends, and regulatory developments.


    Brazil: Investigation of the sourcing and transport of raw materials used in various pharmaceutical products and assessment of strategies to manage costs.


    Israel: Identification and assessment of leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, including analysis of products and sales channels, to identify potential acquisition targets.


    Russia: Investigation of behind-the-scenes actors and government intervention to determine why an acquisition attempt was rebuffed.


    South Africa: Examination of the biomedical industry to identify potential acquisition targets with innovative technologies and significant growth potential.


    United States: Due diligence and analysis on a healthcare data company to add color to financial data before the client’s final acquisition decision.


    Global: Analysis of healthcare policy decision-making processes in 36 countries on six continents, focusing on drug and vaccine policy and immunization schedules.


    Global: Broad study of the economic and public health impact of the H1N1 virus (swine flu) in 24 countries and potential global effects of a wider pandemic.

  • Infrastructure & Shipping

    Australia: Analysis of the wastewater treatment and reuse industry, with a focus on the construction of new facilities and the competitive landscape for market entrants.


    China: Study of oil and gas exports to China to explore shifts in traditional modes of transport and identify potential investment opportunities.


    Ethiopia: Analysis of the minerals and mining industry to determine the level of private finance needed for current and future mining projects.


    India: Analysis of construction projects in the health, science, and technology fields, with a focus on hospitals, universities, and biomedical research centers.


    Iraq: Due diligence on a potential business partner for a shipping industry joint venture that revealed false representations and a checkered business history.


    Nigeria: Opportunities analysis related to transportation infrastructure, with a focus on port, road, and airports, and study of the privatization process.


    Pakistan: Identification of investment opportunities related to the supply chain for major construction and infrastructure development projects.


    Global: Investment targeting in 11 critical infrastructure sectors in 35 countries, with profiles of over 800 unique projects and public and private sector spending analyses.


    Global: Comprehensive assessment of the global bulk storage sector, profiles of emerging technologies, and development of targeted market entry strategies for 16 countries.


    Global: Assessed the feasibility of a potential joint venture in 11 major sectors across 35 countries, and developed market entry strategies.

  • Media & Telecommunications

    Bosnia: Examination of the privatization of a major telecom company, including timeline, key bidders, and competing viewpoints within the government.


    China: Investment opportunity identification tied to the reconstruction of the telecom sector in Sichuan Province after the May 2008 earthquake.


    China: Examination of the mobile and fixed line calling card industry, focusing on technological and retail trends related to prepaid SIM cards and IP calling cards.


    Russia: Assessment of current market demand for cutting edge law enforcement technologies and equipment, including entry strategies and growth prospects.


    Turkey: Analysis of print, broadcast, and electronic media, focusing on distribution, target demographics, and affiliations with political and business interests.

  • Retail & Consumer Goods

    China: Assessment of client’s current consumer good suppliers’ integrity in handling proprietary designs and alternative companies better suited to protect its IP.


    India: Detailed market and regulatory landscaping of India’s burgeoning and opaque luxury goods market.


    Turkey: Comprehensive study of the retail sector, including analysis of domestic and geopolitical influences on the country’s short- and medium-term economic growth.


    Global: Quarterly benchmarking analysis detailing nine global retail competitors’ design, sourcing, and marketing strategies.


    Global: Identification and assessment of the best licensing practices of 25 key competitors to assist client in reducing its dependency on external providers.

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