We specialize in the “hard case”opaque geographies, obscure topics, and sensitive issues that other firms struggle to address.


Clients come to Ergo for:


Unparalleled Access. Ergo provides a window into market-moving events as they unfold on drilling rigs and factory floors, in boardrooms and the halls of power—anywhere in the world and in near real time.


Precise Answers. Ergo delivers actionable intelligence and insights that directly address our clients’ specific needs. We do not use pre-packaged or recycled material.


Cost-Effective Solutions. Our clients pay for information, not overhead. Unlike traditional consultancies, we don’t pass on heavy fixed costs or learn on the client’s dime.


Speed. Rapid turnaround from our established networks enables clients to quickly address time-sensitive issues.


Hands-On Experience. Our team, with extensive public and private sector backgrounds, has decades of experience acquiring detailed, first-hand information on the most difficult issues in the most challenging countries.



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