Whether seeking to enter new markets, strengthen an established position, or protect against government interference, Ergo’s corporate clients conduct business with the confidence that comes from firsthand information.


We deliver near real-time intelligence that enables our clients to overcome challenges in their infancy and adapt quickly to changing circumstances on the ground. We have exceptional experience in helping companies develop informed and practical strategies for successfully capturing new opportunities, mitigating unforeseen risks, and anticipating technological changes.


Our clients include major players in:


• Oil, Gas, and Mining

• Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

• Aerospace and Defense

• Global Construction and Infrastructure Development

• Telecommunications and IT



Uganda: Government Decision-Making on Oil Contracts

Major Oil and Gas Company


Global: Overcoming New Drug Regulatory Hurdles

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


Guinea: JV Partner Due Diligence

Top 10 Metals and Mining Company


MNCs turn to Ergo for targeted research and fresh intelligence that can't be found elsewhere.

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