Ergo harnesses the “Power of Proximity” to identify tomorrow's international headlines today, enabling our clients to protect assets and seize new opportunities. Emerging markets are inherently risky, and actions of individuals or governments—both domestic and foreign—often have significant impact on the business environment.  Unprepared investors and operators may have to contend with asset confiscation, new trade and capital controls, additional local content requirements, employment and tax conditions, and exposure to corrupt practices.


Informed by firsthand reporting, our clients know exactly which forces and dynamics will shape the operating environment and how their business will be impacted. Our fully customizable capabilities include:


 • National and Regional Geopolitical Risk Assessments

 • Sectoral Risk Assessments

 • Scenario Mapping

 • Intelligence on Government Policy Discussions and Dynamics

 • Media and Influence Mapping

 • Analysis of Elections and Shifting Power Dynamics

Ergo ensures that clients can identify and anticipate threats before they manifest.



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