Winning strategies are based on timely insights and data from frontline sources.

Ergo’s direct access to sector experts and extensive experience in emerging markets allow us to provide clients unique strategy development solutions. Ergo does not take over or replace our clients’ strategy planning efforts; we collect and analyze critical information and work side-by-side with clients to craft it into innovative approaches that achieve their goals.


We enable our clients to confidently plan for the future by delivering assessments of the dynamics that shape the business landscape, including impending government actions, competitor efforts, disruptive technologies, power broker dynamics, and changing political tides. Key capabilities include:


• Mapping Likely Scenarios and Wild Cards

• Investigating Competitive Landscapes

• Studying Demographics and Market Dynamics

• Forecasting Government Decision Making and Policy Changes

• Anticipating Geopolitical, Economic, and Societal Shifts

• Tracking Emerging and Disruptive Technologies


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