Ergo produces actionable key stakeholder studies that enable our clients to effectively identify, understand, prioritize, and engage the key influential individuals and groups in government, business, and civil society who can help them resolve complex problems. We reveal their hidden motivations, priorities and agendas, relationships with competitors and other stakeholders, and amenability to the client’s position. All of our stakeholder studies are customized to fit our clients’ specific needs but typically contain:


Maps of the stakeholders, their relative importance, relationships, and influence channels specific to the issues, opportunities, and/or challenges at play.


Profiles of key stakeholders and influencers, including sources of power, perceptions and attitudes, affiliations, vested interests, reputation, external pressures, and role in decision making.


Engagement strategies, based on firsthand input from stakeholders and those close to them, that target the key individuals with the most effective messaging campaign given the client’s specific objectives.


Our stakeholder studies enable clients to mitigate risk, gain influence, and proactively protect their interests through careful, targeted engagement with key decision makers and power brokers.

Success in new markets depends on navigating the dynamics and personalities of the stakeholder and decision-making ecosystem.



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