Ergo delivers ground truth and actionable intelligence obtainable only from frontline sources.


We collect data and insights from those who know an issue best, analyze and synthesize the information, and craft customized, actionable solutions to meet our clients’ exact needs.


Our success on over 800 projects in nearly 120 countries is a result of the unique assets we have developed:


Thousands of deeply embedded, on-the-ground, vetted sources across the globe who provide data and insights to address specific questions and information requirements.


Highly connected in-country teams that conduct research and collect unbiased information under the radar. Our trusted teams are locals—they know the political and business environment, understand the customs, and speak the language.


An unrivaled capacity to custom recruit “exact-fit” sources with unique access and insights.


Experienced multilingual analysts and region/sector specialists who work hand in hand with our on-the-ground sources. Our analysts employ cutting-edge tools and proven analytic frameworks tailored to each client’s requirements.


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